Murder-suicide in Mercer County under investigation

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MERCER COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It was a horrible discovery inside a Mercer County home. That's where a family member found a couple dead, and investigators believe it was a murder-suicide.

Investigators say Bruce and Glenda Noel, 71, were found dead Sunday night in their home near Harrodsburg.

Time off work and time with your family is what this Labor Day weekend is full of for most. But for one family in Mercer County, Sunday night only brought sorrow.

"It's just tough when you lose a close family member on holidays where everybody gets together," said Mercer County Sheriff Ernie Kelty. "They are truly missed."

Bruce and Glenda Noel shared children and grandchildren together, living on Warwick Road. But their life together was cut short in what Sheriff Kelty calls a murder-suicide, leaving the family in shock.

"They're in disbelief," said Sheriff Kelty. "And they're trying to figure out what happened and you're trying to do the best you can to answer their questions for them and console them at the same time. It's just really hard."

The deputy coroner says the couple's niece found the two in their back bedroom after going to check on them when a phone call ended abruptly. Officials tell us both had a single gunshot wound to the head with Bruce Noel shooting his wife and then himself.

This murder-suicide has shocked everyone on that road. And neighbors tell us they knew them and thought they were a sweet couple. But no one wanted to talk on camera out of respect for the family.

With no suicide note found, the sheriff says there's still a lot of investigating to be done.

"As their friend and their sheriff, I'm trying to do the best I can to help them," said Sheriff Kelty.

The sheriff says he's waiting for autopsy results to really determine what went on in this home.

"We are going to everything we can to thoroughly investigate what happened and be able to answer the questions for them," said Sheriff Kelty.

Funeral arrangements for the couple are still pending while investigators are waiting for autopsy results.

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