Murder suspect goes to court

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Just one day after he was arrested for Lexington's latest murder, 25-year-old Alexander Burdett faces both murder and first degree robbery charges today at the Fayette County courthouse.

It started as a home invasion, but turned deadly, when police say a group of people forced their way into the victim's home at Creekside South Apartments.

That's when shots were fired and police tell us Burdett shot and killed one man.

Family members living nearby tell us the victim is 26-year-old Flaco Lopez, who shot back in self-defense protecting his family.

"Flaco was a hero. He saved that child my daughter's life. He ain't no murderer. He's a good boy," said Jamie Fowler, the victim's mother-in-law.

Burdett is one of the four charged in this case. 20-year-old Rodneisha Murphy was arraigned Tuesday for a first degree robbery charge. Two juveniles also face charges in connection to the deadly home invasion.

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