Murder victim's best friend: 'He didn't deserve this ending to his life'

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - They knew each other for decades, and their families spent lots of time together. A Lexington man talked to us about the death of his best friend, who police say was murdered.

Lexington Police say the victim is Tom Rogers, 74, and he was stabbed multiple times at his home on Tishoff Drive Friday. They have not made any arrests. But those close to him still have hope that justice will be served.

Tom Graham's life is full of many hobbies, like flying, hunting, and his wife. But one person besides his wife repeats in almost every memory of his life.

"Tom is in over half of it," said Tom Graham, the murder victim's best friend. "I'm 70, and Tom and I were friends for 47 years. If I needed something, if I hinted at it, Tom would try to let me have it. And it was reciprocal."

Tom Rogers and Tom Graham had more in common than their first name. They were both members of the Anderson County Sportsman Club.

"Other members of the club knew that we frequently traveled together, and they started calling us Tom Tom," said Graham. "You see one Tom and the other one had to be nearby."

Graham tells us that he was with Rogers when he killed the first Kentucky bred and born elk. Graham says that club didn't bring them together but kept them together.

"Our friendship dates back to the time that my wife and Tom's wife at that time enjoyed pregnancies at the same time," said Graham. "And our younger daughter and Tom's older daughter were delivered one day apart in December."

But Graham's friendship of a lifetime was cut short.

"He was savagely beaten and stabbed with a knife that the perpetrator apparently got from their kitchen," said Graham.

Graham says his wife and Rogers' wife were shopping together at the time of his murder on Friday.

"I'm grateful that my wife and his wife did not go into that house while the murderer was there, and that very well could've happened," said Graham.

The call with the bad news that Rogers was dead wasn't what shocked Graham. He says it was that his best friend was murdered. Graham says he knew Rogers' battle with cancer would be over soon.

"Tom had a pact with me that if he ever did decide to end his suffering, that he would tell me so that he wouldn't be found by a family member. That didn't work out," said Graham.

Rogers was nearly dead when his wife found him. That murder has left many people, like Graham, without heavy hearts. For Graham, Rogers was his hunting buddy, best friend, and partner in crime.

"I miss him for things that we had done," said Graham. "I miss him for things that I wanted to do with him."

Lexington Police still have a sketch out of a possible suspect in this murder case. They need the public's help in identifying the man in the picture.

Rogers' visitation is scheduled for noon to 2 p.m. Wednesday at Milward Funeral Directors in downtown Lexington. His funeral is closed to family only and will follow the visitation at Camp Nelson in Jessamine County.

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