Murder victim's brother talks about dangers of pawn shops

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DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - The brother of the man murdered in a Danville pawn shop is now trying to warn others of the dangers associated with the pawn shop business.

It was a shooting that sent shockwaves through Danville, leaving a husband, wife and a customer dead.

It was also a shooting that prompted one of the victim's family members to alert others of the fact that running a pawn shop isn't as safe as some television shows may lead on.

“A lot of these beginners starting in the business aren’t really aware of the dangers; I don’t think television shows show the other side of the story,” Tony Hockensmith told us.

The other side, the more dangerous side, is one Tony Hockensmith says Michael and Angela Hockensmith were never aware of.

“With my brother and my sister-in-law and the gentlemen there, they saw the other side. They were brutally murdered, they were killed and they had no precautions. They did not know and I don’t think they understood that there was that type of danger out there.”

Tony also wants to express that the dangers that come along with running a pawn shop don't only exist in big cities or big establishments; they also exist in locally owned shops like ABC Gold and Games.

Now, Tony is working to get the word out about the potential danger of running a pawn shop before other families have to face the harsh reality that he's seen firsthand.

“My brother has seen that reality, my family has seen that reality.”

At this time, investigators have not said if a surveillance camera was in ABC Gold and Games during Friday’s robbery or if Michael Hockensmith was armed.

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