Murder victim's family upset over plea deal in Perry County

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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Family members of a murdered Perry County man are concerned the man who admitted to killing him will receive a light sentence.

Samuel Louive, 31, was shot to death in November 2011 on the porch of a home on Baker Street in Combs, just outside Hazard.

"He was the only little brother I had," said Karen Begley, Louive's sister-in-law. "Even though he wasn't my brother, he was still my little brother. And that just wasn't right. It ain't right."

Timothy Ryan Sizemore, 29, was originally charged with murder. But last week Sizemore struck a plea deal where he agreed to plea guilty to a lesser charge, first degree manslaughter. That charge would put Sizemore behind bars for a decade.

"I couldn't believe it," said Jason Begley, Louive's brother. "It blew my mind. Ten years? He shot my brother 17 times in cold blood. It was just wrong. There is no justice in that."

"I had to have therapy," said Destiny Turner, Louive's stepdaughter. "And I couldn't stay at my house for a month because it happened on my porch."

Sizemore is scheduled for sentencing on July 11. A judge will then decide whether to accept the plea deal. Special prosecutor Parker Boggs did not want to comment about the case.

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