Murder victim's mother files lawsuit against suspect's neighbor

CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT) - The violence happened on August 20th, on Forest Circle Dr. Police say that Bill Cox shot and killed his daughter’s boyfriend, Ryan Abner, with some neighbors saying he was trying to protect his daughter. Dobson said that he let Cox borrow the gun, saying he had no idea his neighbor would use it for murder.

“He was not one bit violent. .He was a nice guy, worked hard for what he’s got,” Dobson told WKYT during the interview after the shooting.

The basis of the lawsuit is that Joe Dobson was allegedly negligent. It states that “defendant Joe Dobson negligently loaned Bill Cox a loaded glock, when he knew he was an angry man."

Dobson’s next door neighbor, Carmon Davidson, believes Dobson only had the best intentions.

“I don’t know what words transpired. But Joe did tell me he didn’t know he was going to shoot the guy,” said Davidson.

Bill Cox remains in jail and was recently indicted on murder charges. Court records say that Abner was shot 6 times, and that after the shooting, Cox returned the gun to Dobson and then called 911. The plaintiff wants a trial by jury, compensatory damages, costs associated with the disbursement of the action, interests, and reasonable attorney’s fees.

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