Mysterious mass text sent to central Ky. AT&T customers

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Did you receive a text message on your phone from someone named Amanda that you don't know? You're not alone!

Many AT&T customers around the Bluegrass told us Wednesday that they received a text which includes a link to a racy website. So WKYT's Jerrika Insco looked into why the texts went out.

Nowadays just about everyone texts. You probably text your parents or friends every day.

Every once in awhile you get a text from a random number. In this case, from a woman or girl named Amanda. The text message reads, "Hey its Amanda I just posted some pictures of me on picdatenight dot com."

Is it a wrong number? And why would you want or care to see her pictures?

WKYT's Jerrika Insco and Chief Meteorologist Chris Bailey actually both received the text around four a.m. Wednesday morning, along with possibly hundreds of other AT&T customers in central Ky.

And here's our question: how did Amanda get these phone numbers?

AT&T corporate didn't have that answer for us. We were emailed a link to consumer tips to avoid scams. The tips included educating yourself and others on the scam and not disclosing personal information over the phone.

We continued searching for answers and found people in the central Ky. area posting in online forums that they got this message too and weren't sure why.

WKYT's next step was to visit the website Amanda asked us to: And it sent us to a racy website:

It's clearly a scam because Amanda doesn't answer phone calls or reply to text messages.

Some people say they got a similar text from someone named "Nicole."

And when we contacted AT&T about it, they were unaware of the mass text.

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