Naked woman hospitalized after bizarre tirade at Corbin hotel

CORBIN, Ky. (WKYT/WYMT) - Corbin's Fairfield Inn was a busy place Sunday afternoon when a bizarre incident took place. The Laurel County Sheriff's Office says a naked woman was causing a big scene at the pool area.

"She was tearing screens from the windows. As our deputies got closer, they realized she was stark naked," said Rodeny Van Zant with the Laurel County Sheriff's Office.

There were others in the pool area including a family celebrating a birthday.

"She kept telling my son to destroy her iPhone," said another guest who was there. She said that's all she could understand from the woman during her tirade, who proceeded to throw the expensive phone into the pool.

Police ordered her to stop and turn around.

"She stopped and turned around and took off running," said Van Zant, who says police engaged in a brief foot chase with her.

A threat of being tazed caused her to raise her hands and jump into the pool where she then either acted or became unresponsive while floating on her back. After she was taken to the hospital, police learned of other unusual behavior in her hotel room.

"At some point she had left an iron on, on top of some plastic and started a small fire," said Van Zant.

The woman, said to be in her 20's from San Antonio, Texas, had checked into the hotel earlier that day.

At this point, police say, they don't know what made her go into such a tirade. They don't suspect alcohol or drugs, but police question if other substances are to blame.

"Just in my personal opinion people on bath salts act similar to the actions of this young lady. Out of control ... no rhyme or reason," said Van Zant, who adds they have no evidence to believe bath salts or synthetic drugs are to blame.

Police say everything the woman said made no sense to them. No charges were filed and police say she was being treated at a Corbin hospital.

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