National Geographic show digs up artifacts from the Hatfields and the McCoys

The story of the Hatfields and the McCoys received new attention last year after a miniseries detailing the feuding families aired on the History Channel.

Now the National Geographic channel is getting in on the act with an up close look at some items that feud left behind.

"They needed someone to help verify what they thought was a significant find in Pike County, Kentucky," said Kim McBride, the co-director of the Kentucky Archaeological Survey.

The group helped the show Diggers verify and identify items found on the site of the of the McCoy family cabin. The cabin was destroyed in an attack on January 1,1888.

The show features excavations at historical sites across the country. The two men doing the digging, George Wyant and Tim Saylor, recently uncovered the items in the small town of Hardy.

"Perhaps most interesting, they found a series of bullets on a nearby hillside that they think, and we agree, would reflect the fire from the McCoys out of their house toward where the Hatfields were positioned on that hillside,"McBride said.

After the attack the McCoy family moved to Pikeville and never came back. McBride says now that the exact site has been identified it can be protected. As for the bullets, broken ceramics and pieces of glass that were found, they were taken to the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce, where they are now on display.

"We're not gonna rewrite a lot of history with that but we're going to make it a lot more personal for people," McBride said.

Diggers airs Tuesday at 10 PM.

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