Storms rip roof off of Campbellsville floral shop

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TAYLOR COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Around central Kentucky, many people spent Thursday cleaning up from storms that blew through the previous day as well as Thursday morning.

Campbellsville was one of the hardest hit places.

Strong winds damaged homes, knocked down trees and even tore the roof of a 20-year-old family business.

"Well apparently the wind caught the back of it and just picked it up in the air and threw it over there on the neighbor’s house,” said an employee at the local floral shop.

Winds blew the roof off of Magnolia Alley Florist's warehouse. The strong winds also blew the top off the air conditioning unit and hail could still be seen on the ground hours after the storm.

While the warehouse roof continues to leak, business continues as normal next door.

The family now hopes it's only a temporary setback as they prepare for the busy Memorial Day weekend.

"It’ll put a dent in it but I don't think it’s not going to be a big loss for us. We can make other arrangements. I’m amazed this is probably the closest thing I’ve seen to tornado damage.”

Winds blew the roof off of Magnolia Alley Florist's warehouse.

On Taylor Avenue, wind sent a huge tree crashing down. Thankfully, it didn't hit any nearby homes, but it did knock power out to the area.

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