NWS confirms tornado touched down in Scott County

The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado touched down during Tuesday's storms.

"Speed of the wind, to take that big barn down over there, and couldn't even recognize where it sat. You just know it was somewhere back in behind there that it hit," said Ed Eggen, who lives near the tornados path.

This was the only damage he noticed, and said his home and his daughters right down the way were spared.

"As long as the house is, and nobody got hurt, I don't really care. Kinda like car wrecks, you can have the car, I just don't want to have to replace the people," added Eggen.

"All rubble, all junk," said Bill Smith about his brother's tobacco barn.

"Well it was a nice tobacco barn in really good shape, until the wind hit it," said Smith.

He's not sure how much the cost for repairs will be, and says he isn't sure if his brother will even bother replacing it.
Smith does say after surveying the damage, everyone living in the area was very lucky.

"Very fortunate, very fortunate nobody was killed. In addition to that my brother is missing one cow, no telling where it went," added Smith.

The NWS storm survey team found evidence of a tornado on Soards Road. It was an EF-1 packing 90 mile an hour winds. We're told it moved northeast into a small lake.

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