Neal Brown: UK football will be turned around

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky's new offensive coordinator Neal Brown sat down with the media for the first time Tuesday and predicted the UK program will be turned around. Brown plans on installing an up-tempo, passing offense that will be a big part of it.

Brown learned the nuts and bolts of the offense playing under Hal Mumme in the late 1990's, then it was called the "Air Raid." Hes achieved great success the last five years coaching at Troy and Texas Tech. In three seasons with the Red Raiders his offense has been top 15 nationally, last season No. 2 in passing.

Brown said the offense will be similar to the "Air Raid", the base plays will be the same. "Those same base plays really haven't changed since 1997 when coach Mumme really brought those to big-time college football." Brown said West Virginia, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are all using the same base plays. He said a more concerted effort will be made to run the football and it will be faster. "We're playing at a faster pace, and we dress those plays up with motion, with different formations, those are the things the fans are going to notice."

Brown said the offense will be easy to learn, everything installed in the first three days of spring practice. He predicts UK football will be turned around but he gave no timetable. "It's hard to say to you until I can go out there and work with the guys. This systems been successful everywhere we've been."

As for pressure, Brown says there should be pressure considering it's a big dollar business. But coming home to Kentucky his family will be right here. "They were isolated from that when I was away, now it's going to be at their front door. And those are things, when it got serious, those are discussions that I had with my family and my wife's family, just to make sure they understand and they do and they're fired up about it."

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