Nearby bars call South Limestone 'controlled chaos' during tournament

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Coach Cal isn't the only one coming up with a game plan for Saturday. A popular bar among UK fans on South Limestone wants to make sure as many people can watch the game there as possible.

One section of South Limestone isn't just home to shops, restaurants, and bars. It's home to crazy UK fans during the NCAA tournament. Crowds of celebrations are very close to businesses, but it doesn't seem to bother them much. Tin Roof invites what they call 'controlled chaos.'

"Everyone likes it. I don't think anyone complains about it," said Nicole Stephens, an employee at Tin Roof. "It's great business. It's good money. And it's fun!"

As soon as the game ends, specifically with a UK win, it's expected that you won't be able to see the street let alone drive on it.

"And it's just like madness, people just disperse, and they run into the street," said Stephens. "But it's entertaining, it's fun, and I don't mind it at all!"

Plus, Tin Roof is prepared with more room for customers and extra staffing.

"For the games, we've hired and brought in extra security, so they really make sure that they have enough door guys and security and bouncers on hand," said Stephens. "So if something would get out of hand, it could be easily controlled."

So far that hasn't been the case, and they hope it stays that way.

"Everyone's here for the same reason, so it's a good atmosphere to be in," said Stephens.

The 'Sixth Man' documentary, which is about what it means to be a Kentucky basketball fan, will play on a jumbotron in Tin Roof's parking lot starting at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday. Then the game versus Michigan game will replay before Kentucky takes on Wisconsin in Dallas.

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