Nearly half of Scott County EMS fleet is out for repairs

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Thousands of people rely on them in emergencies, but are ambulances in Scott County getting too old to serve the community?

Some county emergency leaders have raised concerns. They've even had to borrow an ambulance because so many have broken down.

"We do have an aging fleet. It's just the common mechanical issues that you would experience with any vehicle as they become old," explains Georgetown Scott County EMS Assistant Director Brandon Remley.

Remley says the county's normal fleet of ten is down to six in working order. Two of their trucks broke down Monday.

"Some transmission issues, we've had some issues with engines, some of the trucks have radiator issues."

Directors decided to call on neighboring Woodford County to help them fill out their fleet.

"Just so that we have a backup truck in case an additional truck were to break down or in case that we would have to call another crew in to make calls, we would have our fifth truck in the station to be able to answer these calls," noted Remley, "hopefully these mechanical issues will be fixed very shortly."

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