Mother: Daughter terrified after needle found in Halloween candy bag

WINCHESTER, Ky (WKYT) - It's a night known for chills and frights, but Trick-or-Treating turned truly terrifying for a young central Kentucky girl.

As we first told you Wednesday night at 11:00 pm, a needle made its way in her bag and pricked her, now the girl's mother is talking to us about the terrifying experience.

A family on Sturbridge Lane set out Trick-or-Treating Wednesday night in the neighborhood they know so well.

"They just run up to the door and say trick or treat and people put candy in their bag," the mother said.

But that joy turned to panic for a central Kentucky mother when her 8-year-old daughter told her something was wrong.

"She swung her bag around and it hit her leg and she said, 'Ow, something hit me,' and I said it's probably just candy and I looked in her bag just be safe, and there was an insulin needle put in her bag," the mother said.

The police were called and immediately began checking each house that child had been to.

"We're not ruling out that this could have been a simple mistake or accident. We're hoping that it was this type of situation," Chief Kevin Palmer said.

"I was in shock really, I didn't know what to think, panic, worry," the mother said.

That panic is still with her, almost 24 hours later. She didn't want her face on camera but she did want to warn other parents.

"People really need to pay attention, they don't think somebody could be that evil but evidently it does," she said.

Winchester police chief Kevin Palmer tells us that the needle is already on its way to a lab to be tested, so they can determine exactly what was inside I it.

The girl's mother tells us that the 8-year-old will have to get blood work done for the next year to make sure she wasn't infected by anything on the needle.

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