Neighbors tie up burglar caught in the act

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – One mobile home in particular is the talk of the neighborhood at the Imperial Mobile Home Park in Lexington.

"They said he broke in the trailer, tried to rob him because the guy was high on drugs," said Kenneth Fox, who lives in the area.

Steven Johnson was arrested Monday after police say he broke into the mobile home.

But, little did he know, there were eyes on him.

Police say Johnson got in through a back window and left with a bunch of items and that's when neighbors jumped into action.

They stopped him and tied him up until officers arrived on the scene.

Johnson was taken to the hospital before being sent to jail.

"You've got to fight for your stuff or they're gonna take it," said Fox. "Police aren't always going to be there."

While officers say it's generally not good to put yourself in harms way to stop a criminal, Lt. Chris Van Brackle says it paid off in this case.

"It was the neighbors who were paying attention, saw this person who didn't belong near that trailer, watched him, then were able to see him break in and called us," said Van Brackle.

Johnson faces a criminal mischief charge and another felony burglary charge.

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