Neighbors help owners of Laurel Co. 'filthy' home

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A Laurel County home considered unsafe for children, received a makeover.

Rebecca and Michael Brown were arrested at their home on Bluegrass Road last week.

Social Services received a complaint about the living conditions at the house. The agency contacted the Laurel County Sheriff's Office. Officials investigated the home and described its condition, as the worst they've ever seen.

Deputies tell us they found dirty clothes, trash, rotten food and dried dog waste on the kitchen floor. Deputies say dirty dishes had rotten food and mold forming on them. We're told the house was also full of flies and roaches.

"Everything was blown completely out of proportion than what it was," said Michael Brown.

Brown says he was in the middle of remodeling the home.

Both parents are charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of a minor. Their three children were sent to stay with their grandparents.

When neighbors heard about the arrests, they began to help the Browns. About 30 volunteers gutted the home, repainted walls, and provided new furniture.

"I think everybody in the neighborhood just really wanted the kids to be able to come back home," said Brandi Collins, a family friend.

A social worker will have to approve the new home conditions, then a judge will have to sign off on it, before the kids can return.

The Browns previously pleaded not guilty and will go back to court next month.

For now, they can't be around their children unless someone from Social Services is present.

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