Neighbors on edge with murder suspects on the loose

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The crime tape is gone, but the nerves of neighbors are still on edge after a man was shot and killed on Carver Road.

"It's real scary because the police, the crime lab, and the SWAT team was here all night long," described one woman who lives nearby.

"I hope whoever did it they catch him. I hope they don't kill nobody else," said another neighbor.

These neighbors, like many others, did not want to be identified because the shooter and one other man, that was seen in the area, are still on the loose.

"I'm very worried and that's the reason why I don't want to talk to you because they're liable to come back," said the woman.

While talking with these neighbors, they all agreed in the time they've lived here they say it's stayed quiet and they never dreamed anything like this would happen on Carver Road.

"We are old people up in this circle and this is really sad, it's terrible," the neighbor described.

There was one neighbor, who only gave his name as Andrew, that described the intense moments that unfolded in front of his home.

"I saw the two suspects, I didn't see the victim. He knew he was going to get shot because he kept saying 'No don't. No, no, no!'" said Andrew, "I heard six rounds. I ran to the bedroom and I called 911."

The call was made after 10:30 on Saturday night, and at the time no one knew where the victim was until after police arrived and began questioning neighbors.

"That's when the neighbor across from me came over saying there was a dead man on his doorstep," recalled Andrew.

The man, who wanted to remain anonymous gave his description of the evening, "I walked in 12 o'clock this morning. I really didn't know he'd been shot, I just thought it was somebody that just come by and passed out, or something."

The coroner's office identified the victim as 26-year-old Jered Taylor, and while none of the neighbors say they knew him, they can't forget what happened to him.

Police say Taylor was pronounced dead at the hospital. At this time, police say they don't have a detailed description of the two men seen in the area.

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