Neighbors react to dangers on Hwy. 421 after fatal accident

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HYDEN, Ky. (WYMT) - It is a curvy, two lane road where officials said accidents happen all the time.

At least one person died in a crash on highway 421 in Leslie County on Oct. 3.

One woman who witnessed that accident and the principal of a Leslie County school who said people speed and drive recklessly on Highway 421 everyday.

There was even another minor accident today while we were working on this story.

“On the other side it says trucks entering the highway 35 miles an hour, you can tell they are going a lot faster than that,” said Connie Asher, who lives near the road she described as treacherous.

Many said the road is dangerous, any time, day or night.

“This road is traveled a lot a lot of times,” said Principal Britt Lawson of Stinnett Elementary School.
“It is traveled by trucks, by civilians and a lot of times at a lot higher rate of speed than what they need to be going, so we see it routinely.”

Law enforcement said the wrecks like the non-injury collision which happened in front of Stinnett Elementary on Thursday afternoon were too common. They said it is a dangerous stretch of road with speed limits ranging up to 55 miles per hour and that is all the more reason to be extra cautious.

“Especially between the hours of 2:30 and 4 they really need to slow down,” said Lawson.
“There are several schools on this road, these are children and their lives and we need to take care and take caution with that.”

One woman who saw the deadly accident on Wednesday said she knew the man who died, urged everyone to be careful.

“Please, please slow down, not let nothing like what happened last night happen again,” said Asher.
“I don't want to lose another dear friend.”

There will be a private funeral service for Levi Lewis of Hyden, the man killed in Wednesday night's crash. His fiancée, Jennifer Short, was also injured in the wreck. Hospital officials said she is in serious condition at Holsten Valley Medical Center in Tennessee.

We have had conflicting reports about the other driver's name and her condition. Police said she was also flown to HVMC.