Neighbors report ATF searches Berea home

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BEREA, Ky. (WKYT) - The street is quiet, like neighbors on Courtland Avenue say it always is, but that wasn't the case Tuesday morning.

"It was like a TV movie, all of the sudden I was surrounded," described Mary Colmer.

Colmer said she was doing work around her home when a loud knock brought her to the front door, there stood a federal agent waiting outside.

"They said, 'Do not go out of your house.' The street suddenly had six cars and a couple of big things that looked like (things) I've never seen before," she recalled.

"A bunch of ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) vehicles, looked like Tahoes, and it looked like agents walking around carrying shovels and carrying stuff out of the house," added neighbor Casey Hayes.

Not much was told to the residents on the street except for a single, startling warning given to Colmer.

"They said that there was some small explosive devices in the house across the street."

Many neighbors said it was bizarre to see such a scene on their street, but the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms won't comment on the reason they were at the Berea home. Instead, they can only say this is a part of an ongoing investigation.

"They searched the whole backyard and the woods behind the house. They were very thorough, they were here for a couple of hours," said Colmer.

Hayes also described what he saw.

"I think I seen a couple bags of potting soil and a cooler," he answered, clarifying, "It looked like potting soil, it was in bags. That's what it looked like."

Neighbors say a man was arrested, but no name was given. Still one thing seems to be common on this street and that's concern.

"It kind of makes me worried who was living right next door to me," said Hayes.

"We've known them 35 years and I'm sad to see something like this happen to them," chimed in Colmer.

The Kentucky State Police also took part in the investigation, but because it's an ATF investigation they could not comment. All they could confirm was that their Hazardous Device Unit was on the scene.

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