Neighbors upset over decorations at Lincoln County home

CRAB ORCHARD, Ky,(WKYT) - The owner of a home in this Lincoln county community describes what he had hanging from his porch as simply a Halloween decoration he says was a little late in coming down.

“I mean some leave their Christmas lights up all year,” said the man, who asked WKYT not to identify him.

Some say the black colored doll with a noose next to a confederate flag sends a message that is loud and clear...and offensive. The home is located on Ky. 39, several miles south of Crab Orchard.

“I just think it's sick. It is absurd. Children are seeing it on the school bus and discussing it on the bus. Little innocent children,” said neighbor Melissa Riley, who said she was offended by it.

The homeowner says he has received no complaints about it. The Lincoln County Sheriff says he has...but as far he can tell, no laws were broken.

“No, it is just a decoration. I mean you can take it like you want to. Some go all out for Christmas. I don't believe in giving gifts for Christmas. That's not what it's about ” said the homeowner.

“I think he's speaking how he feels about things. And that is his business and his opinion. But I think there's ways of doing it without doing it like that. To let innocent children see it, we don't agree with it,” said Riley.

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