Noel doing well, surgery scheduled

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Nerlens Noel is doing well and his surgery is scheduled according to coach John Calipari. Noel tore his ACL against Florida February 12.

Tuesday afternoon, Calipari did not have the exact date for the surgery but he said it is scheduled and Noel is in good spirits. "He's in a good frame of mind. Mom was here this weekend, she was great. They know we've really dotted I's and crossed T's and made sure, ya know, one way or another, he was in good shape and she appreciated it."

Rehab will not be easy. Right now former Wildcat Rajon Rondo is going through it. His season ended with a torn ACL in January. Calipari has followed Rondo's rehab. "Im telling you what Rondo said, it's the toughest, most painful thing hes ever been through in his life. So to say, 'Well, five months later I'll be ready.' You better be on... Rondo said it, 'the toughest and most painful thing I've ever been through in my life."

Calipari has said Noel will have options when it comes to the NBA. It's not believed his stock in the draft will drop that much. Calipari says players can come back stronger from the injury but they must understand they have to put in the work. "There's no slacking off, there's no, 'I'm not gonna go hard today.' No, you've got five months of work and I've told him that, and I think he's up for it."

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