Governor's Carpet Cost $29,000

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(Frankfort, Ky) - The Governor's Office has spent $28,856 on new carpet.
According to the Director of Communication Finance Pamela Trautner, the nine year old carpet was stretched and began to buckle.
Trautner says people would trip over and it and would later become a safety hazard.
Maintenance crews tried to stretch it out to make it last longer, but that didn't work.
Trautner says Governor Beshear tried to hold off on the replacement for the past three years because of the cost.

The new blue carpet (from red) covers 61,000 square feet and it includes the First Lady's Office.

The last time new carpet was laid it cost about $26,000.

"Color preferences aside, I think it's just another example of the wrong spending priorities in this administration," said Kentucky Republican Party Chairman Steve Robertson. "We recently learned of $30,000 wasted on tickets to the Olympics. We're learning about another nearly $30,000 being spent to make his office pretty. At some point in time, even the little spending decisions have to come under scrutiny."