New Cincinnati casino set to open as gambling debate continues in Ky.

CINCINNATI (WKYT) - For years, many Kentucky lawmakers have pushed for casinos in Kentucky. Every time expanding gambling has come up for a vote, the measure has hit a roadblock. Now, the Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati is set to open just across the river and cash in on Kentucky money.

"The casino in Cincinnati is good news for Ohio and bad news for Kentucky," says Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear.

Governor Steve Beshear has pushed for casinos since he took office in 2007, but he's faced a lot of opposition. In an interview last year, the Family Foundation's Kent Ostrander says Kentucky should make sure casinos stay outside the borders.

"The damaging aspect of gambling, because it moves from state to state, like dominoes falling. Pretty soon all the states will have gambling and we'll be equally in debt and the gambling executives will have all the money," said Ostrander.

Lawmakers in Frankfort have said it is unlikely the casino legislation would come up this session.

Officials with Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati estimate it'll bring six million people to the city each year.

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