New Circle Road expansion plans revealed

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Plans laid sprawled out across tables and easels, inside Leestown Middle School, as people examined nearly every inch of a proposed plan to ease the traffic nightmare for drivers.

"Some afternoons, you know, you're coming home and it's all stopped," described Tanya Tyler, who lives in the Leestown Road area and faces the heavy traffic daily.

Help is on the way for drivers like Tyler as the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet wants to widen New Circle Road from Georgetown Road to Versailles Road, changing the width from four lanes to six. Along with that idea, there is another plan to lay out a double-crossover diamond at the Leestown Road exit. The price tag for the project is an estimated $80-million.

"It will alleviate traffic congestion and also improve safety in these areas," explained Natasha Lacy, with the Transportation Cabinet.

The double-crossover diamond plan will be similar to the one at Harrodsburg Road, but that won't be in the works until 2014, the engineers estimate, and the funds have to be available for that project, as well.

"As this area expands and grows, we're going to need a little bit of help to stop the congestion around here. So, I think it'll be a good thing," said Tyler.

"I'm still for the project, but let's do it right," chimed in Jack Lambert, who also lives in the area.

While many people at the meeting seemed to be in favor of the project, the Transportation Cabinet says they have heard some express their concerns .

"Well, the public has expressed concern about they're commute to work and of course noise during construction time but we will address those problems and remedy those as needed," said Lacy.

While he's in favor of the project, Jack Lambert said he just wants to see the work done right because his property will be at risk.

"If they widen it (New Circle Road), they'll have to have to have a wall because the angle will be so great it will always be washing out," Lambert explained.

The work is slated to start in the fall of 2013. The Transportation Cabinet says they will take the comments that were passed on to them, Thursday night, and will see how they can begin to address any issues.

Tanya Tyler just hopes, "it doesn't disrupt us too much around here."

The Transportation Cabinet said they will not be using any rights-of-way for this project, saying that should ease any concerns about road work spilling onto private property.

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