New Lexington bakery serving up gluten-free goodies and awareness

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder estimated to affect one in one hundred people.

May is National Celiac Awareness month designed to bring attention and get people talking about the disease.

WKYT'S Amber Philpott has celiac disease.

Amber can't have gluten which is found in common foods like bread and pasta.

While its more mainstream to find gluten-free foods it can be overwhelming.

In Lexington though, one mother has turned her family's gluten-free journey into a new business that is helping others and giving them some tasty treats too!

When Connor Walsh was just a second grader he became very sick, turns out something in his food was the enemy.

"We found out we had to go gluten-free and so obviously that was a shock because in today's society everything revolves around food," said Denise Walsh, owner of Gluten Free Miracles.

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye.

For those who suffer from Celiac disease its harmful.

Together Connor and his mom Denise began a journey of learning to cook and eat differently, eliminating gluten from the family's diet.

"We would throw a bunch of whole foods, flours and stuff together and see if we can make anything and some were failures most of them successes," said 12-year-old Connor Walsh, who has Celiac Disease.

" I became obsessed with making foods that all kids want to eat whether its funky chicken fingers or pizza or cookies or cupcakes," said Denise Walsh.

Walsh eventually started a blog to reach out to others feeling overwhelmed with going gluten-free.

"When we created the blog, it was to share with people our journey and our recipes and help them the way we didn't have that kind of help," said Walsh.

The recipes from Walsh include things like cinnamon rolls, and other treats that after Connor got healthy she was ready to bake for others.

Walsh and her family took a way of cooking that was necessity and turned it into Gluten Free Miracles.

The bakery and café located at 145 Burt Road in Lexington has only been open eight weeks and already they are swamped.

Inside Walsh is serving up clean alternatives to eating.

Walsh doesn't believe in G-M-O's and provides dairy free and Paleo options as well.

The flour blend Walsh uses is her own creation.

So far customers are eating up everything she has to offer.

" I really have trouble at the grocery store and a lot of times finding gluten-free is hard. I just happened to walk by and I said I'll give it a try so today is my first day," said Mary Wagner.

In the beginning for Denise Walsh it was about getting her son healthy, now its about sharing her journey hoping to make someone else's gluten-free path easier and tastier!

Gluten Free Miracles got its name because in the beginning Denise said if a recipe turned out it was a miracle.

For more information on Gluten Free Miracles and Celiac Disease click on the links below.

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