New details in Rowan Co. murder revealed during hearing

MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT) - Five men accused in a deadly home invasion returned to court Wednesday afternoon. Demario Powell, Marcus Stewart, Julius "Jubee" Kolowitz, Jaque Abrams, and Anthony "Rell" Paysen are each charged in the death of Bo Otis.

Wednesday's hearing included testimony from State Police. Detective Toby Gardner said the shooting started as a plan to rob one of Otis' roommates who, he says, sold marijuana.

Police say Otis was shot in the head at point blank range during the robbery in late June.

Detective Gardner talked about how police caught all the suspects. He says Powell called State Police after the shooting and told them Kolowitz and Paysen were involved. He says that eventually led police to all the suspects.

He also told the court about his conversation with Marcus Stewart.

"I know for sure he told me he was the lookout, Mario drove them there and Jaque and Jubee and Rell went inside the residence," says Detective Gardner.

During the hearing, a DNA sample was taken from Anthony Paysen. The attorneys for the five men asked for reduced bonds, saying they hadn't intended to hurt anyone.

"If there isn't any more danger to society than those five people planning out a robbery and killing a 20-year-old man while he was freshly awoken, then I don't know what is," says Judge William Roberts. "I think they're all a danger to community."

All five men originally had $1 million bonds. The judge reduced Demario Powell and Marcus Stewart's to $100,000, Julius Kolowitz and Jaque Abrams' to $250,000 and Anthony Paysen's to $500,000.

The judge ruled found probably cause for felony murder and complicity to murder charges. All five cases have been sent to the grand jury.

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