New details released in Lexington murder case

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Two weeks after a woman was found dead inside her Lexington home the man charged with killing her will answer to the charges.

34-year-old Jeffrey Jackson was brought back from Ohio on Tuesday. He was arrested the same day as the murder near Dayton.

Police say he shot and killed his girlfriend Quantina Reed last month. Jackson will be arraigned on the murder charge Wednesday afternoon.

Court papers obtained by WKYT shed new light on what police say happened on the morning of March 27.

According to Jackson's arrest warrant police believe Jackson killed his girlfriend, Quantina Reed after a dispute over her car. They say Reed's two children were home at the time and told police Jackson wanted to use that car the evening before.

Reed's son told police he heard them arguing in the garage, then saw Jackson leave in the car. The documents show he told police that about an hour later Jackson returned, and he and Reed began arguing again. Reed's son said he went downstairs where his mother told him everything was fine and he should go back to his room.

At some point, he said, he woke up to the sound of glass breaking or something being knocked over, but went back to sleep.

Eventually he was awakened again when police came to the house and found Reed dead.

Jackson was eventually captured by US Marshals in Dayton, Ohio.

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