New details released in carjacking shooting over the weekend

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We have new details about a shooting that put a teenage girl in the hospital. It all happened early Saturday morning on Southmoor Park.

Police say it's not the location that makes this crime unusual because crimes like this one can happen anywhere. It's the order of events within the crime that Lexington Police don't see very often.

A very early morning trip to McDonald's on Saturday was cut short for two Lexington teenagers.

"He approached the car, fired the shots, and then demanded that the young ladies exit the vehicle, so that it could be taken," said Sherelle Roberts, Lexington Division of Police.

That was 1:30 a.m. on Saturday when police tell us those two teenagers were stopped by a man on Southmoor Park. Two shots were fired at the driver who was hit in the neck. It's a life-threatening injury that's still being treated at UK Hospital.

"That's a weird situation where we have somebody who instead of requesting the vehicle first, fires first," said Roberts. "So this was one of those situations that does leave you scratching your head a little bit."

Police say the teens ran to a place of safety at a home nearby. Neighbors there say they were awoken by the commotion outside.

"I was shocked. It was just a few houses up the street from us," said Dan Wells, who lives near the crime scene. "To think that somebody is walking around your neighborhood with a gun and obviously has no qualms about shooting somebody and to take a car or whatever. It's disturbing."

Police are still investigating the crime they call unusual as they search for the suspect and the victim recovers.

The stolen vehicle was found near Parkers Mill Road, behind the Blue Grass Airport, and police say it had been crashed. That car is now a piece of evidence.

Police say the suspect is described as wearing a gray sweatshirt and a bandana with short cropped hair in his late teens.

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