New garbage trucks in Lexington saving tax dollars

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Six in the morning on garbage day is going to be a little quieter for Lexington residents.

On Tuesday, Mayor Jim Gray welcomed 11 new garbage trucks to town.

These trucks aren't just quieter, they're going to save tax dollars. The new trucks are powered by compressed natural gas, so they'll save on fuel costs.

"By using compressed natural gas, we are lowering emissions 20 to 30% compared to diesel. So over the life cycle of our trucks each year, we are saving $6,500 per unit just with fuel savings and maintenance scheduled," Director of Division of Division of Waste Management Tracey Thurman explained.

The cost of natural gas fuel runs about a $1.50 to $2 less the cost of a gallon of diesel. The trucks save on maintenance by extending the life of a tune-up by 50,000 miles and an oil change is good for an extra 25,000 miles.

Lexington bought the vehicles as part of its normal vehicle replacement schedule. The cost was $353,000 per truck, a cost similar to a diesel truck. Two more trucks are scheduled to arrive in December. Lexington has budgeted an additional $2.9 million to purchase 10-12 additional trucks over the next twelve months.

The city's new fueling unit, where the trucks will be gassed up, was also unveiled Tuesday.

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