New law allows victims to get concealed carry permit fast

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Starting Tuesday, domestic violence victims can get quicker access to concealed carry permits.

A new law goes into effect Tuesday allowing anyone granted an emergency protective or domestic violence order, a provisional concealed carry permit in just one business day. Those usually take anywhere from three weeks to three months to receive.

"After 45 days it expires, and if you are not trying to get your concealed carry, then they don't renew it for you," explains owner of Halcomb CCDW in Richmond, Dennis Halcomb.

If a domestic violence survivor has an active EPO or DVO, HB 128 states they must pass a background check to receive the temporary concealed carry permit.

"They say it takes 45 days to get them. You can't wait 45 days to protect yourself," says Halcomb.

"We understand and appreciate the legislature who's looking at the safety for families. I understand maybe the intent, but when you've worked with survivors for 25 years you understand that domestic violence is extremely complicated," says GreenHouse17 leader and domestic violence advocate Darlene Thomas.

"Survivors, when you're in trauma, when you've been victimized, your sense of threat looks a lot differently than those of us that aren't walking in those same footsteps," she notes.

Thomas hopes lawmakers will now focus their time helping victims in other ways, possibly passing dating violence legislation.

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