New roadside help for cyclists

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Friday, May 16th was Bike to Work Day in conjunction with National Bike Month.

At the same time, AAA is offering a new roadside assistance program for those who get around on two wheels instead of four.

It's been around since February, but now that it's gotten warmer, AAA is trying to get the word out about the new program geared toward cyclists 18-30 years old.

"It includes towing for bicycles, so if you get somewhere and your bicycle has a flat tire and it's inoperable, AAA will come pick you up and take you wherever you need to go," said Lilla Mason, PR for the company.

On a typical nice, warm and sunny day, bike racks at UK's campus would be full, proving that more and more people are choosing to get around on two wheels instead of four.

AAA has long been associated with only motorized vehicles, but like other companies, it's had to change with the times.

"Bicycles are on the roadways just like vehicles are," said Mason. "We wanted to encompass bicycles as well as cars."

There is one caveat. no matter the malfunction.

You have to get to a main road if you're stranded off the beaten path, according to Mason.

Some city leaders in Lexington have been trying to cultivate a more bike-friendly environment around town.

Right now, the Bike Lexington Commuter Challenge is taking place.

Participating businesses and organizations have tried to get as many employees as possible to bike to work.

Challenge winners will be announced May 31st.

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