New rock salt works in extreme cold

MANCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - It's all about chemistry.

"it's a sodium chloride, but it's made from a magnesium chloride," said Les Dixon, spokesperson for the Ky. Transportation Cabinet District 11 office.

The new salt that literally has the state highway crews in Clay County going green.

"We've had some people question..what's this green stuff?"

The clear lane salt works in temperatures traditional rock salt won't.

"And it has worked here in Clay County under 12 degrees for sure," Dixon said.

Not all road departments are using it. It is a bit more expensive.

"It is 20% more per ton, more expensive, but the key is to keep the roadways safe and if it keeps working the way it is working, we might go all green so to speak," said Dixon.

400 ton of the clear lane product has been ordered for Clay County.

"Quick reaction time, that's the key. Having a quicker reaction time so we can separate the ice and snow from the pavement so we can plow it," Dixon said.

Highways officials say the clear lane has to be stored separately from the regular salt and that's why not every district is using it.

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