New scam reported in Franklin County

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - We have an alert about a scam targeting central Kentucky businesses.

The Franklin County Sheriff says his office has received reports of someone claiming to be selling radio advertisements. But he says the seller is only trying to scam business owners out of money.

The sheriff’s office recently posted an alert on their Facebook page warning local businesses about a phone scam involving a fake company called “Universal Advertising.”

Officials say the so-called company tries to convince businesses to buy radio advertisements by claiming they work for a local radio station known as CapCity Communications.

“You get someone who’s a slick talker and they’ll sell ice to an Eskimo. When they prey on seniors, the seniors think that person is a nice man or lady when in fact they are there to scam them and steal from them,” Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton says.

The sheriff says they've already received comments on their Facebook page from folks claiming to have recently received a similar call.

In addition to the local radio company, the scammers are also claiming to work for the state and the local chamber of commerce but officials say the scammers aren't associated with either.

“We keep a very watchful eye out for scammers in our community,” Melton told us.

But he also says it’s equally important for all citizens to keep a close eye out to ensure that neither you nor your business fall victim to the next scammer’s scheme.

In order to prevent being scammed, Sheriff Melton says you should always check to see if the company has a county or city business license.

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