New search for Clark Co. man missing since 2006

WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) -- New tips have given new life to the search for a missing man.

On Thursday, Winchester Police searched the Kentucky River near Fort Boonesboro for clues in the disappearance of Tom Profitt. He's been missing since 2006. Lexington firefighters helped with the search.

Police tell us they were looking for a car in connection with Profitt's disappearance, but they wouldn't comment on what led them to search the river. Profit's car hasn't been seen since he went missing.

For the past eight years his daughters have been waiting for news of their father.

"Every time you see something on TV, you automatically wonder if it's our daddy, and hope that's it's him and it always comes up that it's not," said Amanda Profitt-Banks.

When Profitt went missing he was on his way to see his daughter and his granddaughter who had just been born.

"He was supposed to be coming to the hospital to see me because I just had a baby, and he said 'Do you need anything?' and I said 'No,' and he said 'Well I'll be there in a minute,' and I was the last person that he talked to.," Profitt-Banks said.

That conversation led them to believe someone is responsible for their father's disappearance. They say they no longer hope that he'll be found alive, but they do hope.

"That they find his body, because in my opinion that's all they're gonna find, because he wouldn't have stayed gone for eight years, he wouldn't do it," said his youngest daughter Jeanie Combs.

In 2007, police thought Profitt's body had been found in Spencer County, but that body ended up being someone else.

Police and firefighters left the river around 3:00 p.m. Thursday.

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