New trial ordered for jockey Robby Albarado

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Jockey Robby Albarado has won an appeal of his conviction on a misdemeanor assault charge.

Albarado was convicted last year of fourth-degree assault and fined $500 in connection with an altercation at his home involving his former girlfriend, Carolina Martinez.

Between races at Churchill Downs on Thursday, Albarado told The Courier-Journal that the ruling is a big relief.

Jefferson County Circuit Judge Brian C. Edwards said the prosecutor made an improper comment during jury selection regarding Albarado's marital status when he began a relationship with Martinez. The judge said the comment could create prejudice by jurors and seemed to have little or no relevance to the charge. Edwards remanded the case for a new trial.

The county attorney's office said it is considering its options.

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