Newberry concedes less than an hour after polls close

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Before the clock struck 7 Tuesday night, the race for Lexington Mayor was over.

Jim Newberry took the stage and expressed his appreciation for his support. He told the crowd that he had called Vice Mayor Jim Gray and conceded the race to him.

After taking time to personally thank nearly everyone of his supporters, he spoke with 27 NEWSFIRST saying he had no regrets for the campaign he ran.

As for any future plans, Newberry says he will likely stay in Lexington but will go back to the private sector, leaving a career of politics behind.

He says, "I think the whole political system is fundamentally broken and I thought that for months not just a consequence of the outcome of tonight but on the national level the polarization is incredible."

Newberry says one of the reasons he likely lost the election had to do with the amount of money his opponent spent. Money that he says allowed Jim Gray to spread whatever message he needed to.

Newberry says, "He put a number of things out on South Limestone and about the Water Company that just were not true."

The mayor said he would've needed to spend $300,000 to $400,000 to be financially competitive in the race.

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