Nicholasville auto shop closes after Christmas burglary

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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - He says burglars have put his car repair shop out of business at least for now.

A central Kentucky man is asking for help finding the people who stole thousands and thousands of dollars worth of tools from his shop in Nicholasville.

He says the burglary happened on Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

The owner of Mike Peel's Auto Service Center returned to a nearly emptied shop the day after Christmas. He's not only out of tools but out of business.

"It takes a Grinch to do that to someone during the holidays or any kind of holiday or any day. It's just horrible," said Mike Peel, owner of Mike Peel's Auto Service Center.

It was not only Christmas but his birthday as well.

"Opening gifts and having dinner and low and behold what someone else is doing to you," said Peel.

What tools Mike Peel had left in his shop were out of place while others were just gone, some of which had been passed down through family generations.

"The tools that belonged to my father who is a retired mechanic for Jessamine County and stuff that just can't be replaced," said Peel.

It adds up to nearly 20,000 dollars worth of equipment.

"It's mortified me. It's just crushed me. It was my way of living, and it was tools that I had worked my whole life for," said Peel.

Peel says he's doing his best to keep a positive attitude as police investigate and he tries to figure out how to get back to work.

"I hope that someone will see this and come forward with some kind of information that would either get my stuff back or lead to whoever might have done this," said Peel.

Peel says several of his regular customers have told him about a man in the area who is trying to sell them stolen tools. Peel has told police hoping it's a lead.

Peel tells us the thieves broke in through a side door and disabled the door alarm immediately to make a clean get-away.

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