Nicholasville couple turns old treasures into a way to help others

Nicholasville, Ky. (WKYT)-The old phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure" has unique meaning to a Nicholasville couple.

WKYT's Amber Philpott has more on how a mission trip led Andrea and Steve Kohlman to share their funky furnishings and help them change lives thousands of miles away.

With a little sanding and some extra love, old is becoming new again thanks to a Nicholasville father and daughter.

For Steve Kohlman its sort of a hobby, taking items worn and tired and giving them life again.

"I love to hunt for antiques and any kind of vintage items I can find," said Steve Kohlman.

For the last two years Kohlman has replaced the cars in his Nicholasville garage with items he's found.

You could say Kohlman has a real passion for the art of turning trash into treasure.

"For us we love repurposing furniture taking something and giving it a whole new purpose in life," said Kohlman.

Hence the name Repurposed Soul.

Kohlman took his designs to Facebook and its become a popular page in central Kentucky with people liking and sharing the pictures.

Kohlman has an eye for antiques and anything old that can become funky conversation pieces.

Repurposed Soul has become a labor of love for the Kohlman family and its paying off.

So you are probably thinking this is a story about a man and his booming business? Well you have it partially right.

Believe it or not, this isn't about making money for Kohlman and his family, instead its about serving a higher power.

"Furniture is a part of it, but the biggest story is taking time to go and help folks and use your gifts to give back to others,"

The giving back part, is to the children of Port-de-Paix, Haiti and the mission Waves of Mercy.

"When I went it was just like I was supposed to go on a mission trip to help serve, and I didn't realize it was going to impact me a lot more as it did," said Andrea Kohlman.

As a trained nurse, Andrea first served Waves of Mercy in 2009.

The mission was started by a Versailles couple.

It serves the poorest of poor providing schooling, church and meals to those in need.

Andrea says the children she treated stole her heart.

"They don't have access to medical care like we do here. I came home and I was never the same. I thought I've got to do something, I've got to get back as soon as possible," said Kohlman.

So, Andrea wanted to help and her husband had the gift they could use.

Just like that Repurposed Soul was born.

"We feel like that is sort of our goal for what we can contribute to Haiti, is to take someone who maybe felt like they didn't have much of a purpose or direction or hope and repurpose them," said Steve Kohlman.

One hundred percent of the proceeds from Repurposed Soul helps fund efforts by Waves of Mercy.

In two years Repurposed Soul has raised thousands.

The idea is simple, giving life to pieces that may have other wise been forgotten in order to help those living in a world fighting not to be.

To date Repurposed Soul has been able to raise $40,000 for Waves of Mercy.

For more information on how you can buy their pieces and help the mission go to Facebook and search Repurposed Soul.

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