Nicholasville man killed when concrete crashes through windshield

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - The Jessamine County Coroner has now identified the man killed Wednesday morning in a freak accident. A piece of concrete was somehow launched into the windshield of 63-year-old Michael Conley's truck.

Jessamine County Coroner Michael Hughes says Conley was driving on Catnip Hill when a chunk of concrete was sent into the air and came down through the windshield, hitting and killing him. He says the concrete was approximately eight inches long and four to five inches wide.

Nicholasville Police are investigating Conley's death and reconstructing the accident. They say Conley's pickup came to a stop after the accident, and no other vehicles were involved. The coroner says the piece of concrete hit Conley in the head, and he died instantly of blunt force trauma.

The coroner says Conley did carpet work at McKenney Floor Covering, and was less than a mile from the office when the accident happened. He was the kind of person people say you only needed to ask once for something and Michael Conley did it.

"He was always active in our vacation bible school, he would go all out. He would play some kind of special character and go all out," Rev. Dan Barnes, of Lighthouse Baptist Church tells us.

"He was a hard worker and he did everything right," John Riggs says of his friend.

Police have a lot of questions as to how and why it happened. They say they may never know exactly how the concrete, which was just smaller than a football, crashed into the truck.

"We don't know whether it dropped off a truck he may have been passing or if it was kicked up from a truck in front of him," Sgt. Scott Harvey, with Nicholasville Police said about the crash.

Conley's minister says the lesson is how death can come in an instant.

"Mike was one of those guys that I knew had everything in order. If there was any guy who was ready to go it was him. But I kind of recommend that everybody would get their lives in order and get right with the folks they need to get right with. Because life is short. And you need to enjoy what you have while you have it," Barnes tells us.

Police say they work a lot of deadly accidents, but have never seen road debris kill anyone like this.

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