Nicholasville remembers R.J. Corman

NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - He touched countless lives in his 58 years. The community is now mourning the loss of railroad founder Rick Corman.

Corman died at his Nicholasville home around 11 Friday morning after a long battle with cancer.

"To hear of his passing has saddened me and the whole community because Rick was just a kind-hearted person, and he had made a lot from his business, but he gave a lot," said Jessamine County Sheriff's Deputy Allen Peel, "he was always sponsoring anything that had to do with community things related, like school graduations he would donate vehicles, he would donate advertisements for the fair, it's too numerous to mention all he did for Jessamine County."

In his 58 years, Corman made a lot of friends. A leader in the community, he built a business from the ground up, and was never hesitant about giving to those in need.

"He was always willing to help out. We have several people in the county that will help the situation if you need him. If someone needed help, he was always one of the first ones to step forward and help in a situation," remarked Jessamine County Judge Executive Wm. Neal Cassity.

Corman donated to Jessamine County schools, hosted fundraisers for nonprofits at his hangar, and is the name behind St. Joseph's Ambulatory Care Center in Nicholasville.

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