Freezing rain sparking power outages

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Some of the worst parts of freezing rain are showing up all across central and northern Kentucky. Thousands are without power and that list will likely grow.

The freezing rain will continue into the overnight hours. The only chance we'll see at relief will come in the form of snow tomorrow morning. I say relief because we won't be talking about anymore ice accumulation from this system.

-Overnight expect a prolonged period of freezing rain with maybe some sleet mixed in from time-to-time.

-Ice accumulations could go between a half inch and three quarters of an inch. We are talking about Ice Storm Warning levels.

-Power outages could become more widespread as this systems starts to wrap-up in the morning. The reason... at that point we'll be at nearly 9-12 hours of freezing rain.

We'll continue with the updates on and WKYT.

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