No sign of missing teen after 48 hours

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FLEMING COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - More than 100 people joined the search effort in Fleming County today.

"I always hope for a good outcome," said Fleming County Emergency Management director Dwayne Price.

They were hoping to find 15-year-old Ricky Hamilton, Jr. He disappeared more than late Saturday afternoon hours ago while deer hunting here in a Fleming County forest.

"Sheriffs Department is still investigating. State Police detectives are here. They've went back out with the dog team. We're doing all we can, but we're just not having any success," said Price.

The crews will suspend their search as the sun sets in Fleming county, but they're already planning for tomorrow.

"Got it pretty well lined up what we're going to do. A lot of the same. We're debating bringing the horses back or not. We're still discussing that," Price said.

Emergency officials said teachers told them it was unlikely Hamilton would have simply run away.

"We've had teachers say the son is the patriarch of the family. That he would not do anything like this. You can only go by what he says," Price said.

Some of Hamilton's classmates helped search for him. Emergency officials say this has been a true community effort.

"A lot of people are just volunteering time. We're getting a lot of donations of water, pop, food. Yesterday they were here, teachers, coaches. The whole community is coming forward for us," Price said.

Tomorrow, crews plan to extend their search area to a two-mile radius.

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