No smoking in cars with children inside?

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Smoking has become a hot topic in Frankfort.

On Thursday, Democratic Representative Susan Westrom announced a proposal for a smoking ban in workplaces across Kentucky.

Now, House Speaker Greg Stumbo introduced a bill that would keep adults from smoking around kids inside cars.

"Secondhand smoke is a health risk and we know these passengers have no choice to get in the car and ride with them," Stumbo said. "Adults can say, 'I'll find another way to get where I'm going.'"

Lawmakers who spoke to the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Thursday night indicated attacking Kentucky's high smoking rate would save the state money and improve the health of its workforce.

Some drivers have mixed feelings about the bill, one woman told us while she does support the bill in principal she's concerned that the Government is taking too much control over her life.

Stumbo says the aim of his law is not to attack civil liberties. He says, "I think government does need to stay out of people's lives to a certain degree, but the government has a responsibility to protect it's citizens, and the most vulnerable."

Stumbo says he's looking out for those who can't go to Frankfort and lobby for themselves.

"The children don't have a choice," He says. "They don't have an option, it's a health for them and we know that."

The next step for the bill is to go before a committee before heading to the House floor.

If the law passes, Kentucky will be the fifth state in the United States to outlaw smoking in the car with children inside. Louisiana, Arkansas, Maine and Oregon have passed similar legislation.

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