Northern Kentucky cities cracking down on fireworks

EDGEWOOD, Ky. (AP) - Several northern Kentucky cities are or are considering cracking down on temporary fireworks stands that pop up on roadsides as the July 4th holiday nears.

Within the past month, city councils in Edgewood and Elsmere banned the sale of fireworks outside of permanent buildings. Those cities took action after Florence officials prohibited the sale of fireworks from temporary stands last year, prompting out-of-state fireworks vendors to move north into Kenton County.

Edgewood Police Chief Tony Kramer told The Kentucky Enquirer that temporary fireworks stands are like dandelions because as soon as one out-of-state vendor shuts down, another pops up in a neighboring community.

The stricter laws and enforcement come two years after the Kentucky General Assembly changed state law to allow the sale of larger, more powerful aerial fireworks.

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