Not guilty plea for Lexington police officer accused in Georgetown assault

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - The case of a Lexington Police officer accused of assaulting a teen referee during a youth soccer game was presented to a judge for the first time Thursday morning.

Officer Keith Spears was arraigned in Georgetown on a charge of harassing with physical contact. Police say Spears attacked the 13-year-old ref following a non-competitive soccer match in October.

Officer Keith Spears didn't show up in court. His attorney said he was working. Spears' attorney, Fred Peters, entered a not guilty plea for his client.

In a complaint, the teen's father said Spears, upset with the boy's officiating, approached him from across the field, grabbed his wrist, and said "are you going to throw me out now, punk?" The boy's father says others intervened and that's where the incident ended. The Scott County Sheriff's office opened an investigation, and Spears was cited for harassment. His attorney says there's another side to the story, though he won't say what that is just yet.

"The officer disputes the allegations in the complaint. There'll be a time and a place for us to present our evidence. We don't try our cases in the media," said Peters.

The judge ordered that Spears have no contact with the boy or his family. A pretrial conference for Spears is scheduled for December in Georgetown. The judge ordered he be present for that.

According to police documents we obtained, Officer Spears was suspended without pay for four days in 2005 for incompetence. He was accused of not filling out reports for some calls that he had responded to, and of spending time at an adult entertainment club while on duty.