Nunn apologizes to Amanda Ross' mother

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's been nearly two years since Steve Nunn admitted killing his ex-fiance Amanda Ross and we haven't heard much out of him since then, but today, Nunn spoke publicly, apologizing to Amanda Ross' mother and accusing the Commonwealth's Attorney of misconduct.

As expected, Steve Nunn showed up in Circuit Court to collect six boxes of his former attorney's files containing evidence from Amanda Ross' murder.

"Mr. Nunn, you acknowledge and will accept receipt of these boxes, is that correct, sir?" asked Judge Pamela Goodwine.

Yes ma'am, I acknowledge receipt of them," Nunn replied, though he said he couldn't acknowledge that they were in the same condition in which they were brought to court.

What followed, though, was completely out of the blue.

"I have not spoken publicly since March 4, 2009," Nunn said before launching into a sudden apology.

"I have wanted to badly to apologize to Diana Ross for all that's happened," he said. Diana Ross, Amanda Ross' mother, was not in the courtroom. Nunn then expressed frustration at what he said was poor handling of the files.

"In some ways I felt like I was back in the legislature where the majority would sometimes suspend the rules right before they're going to screw somebody," he said. Finally, he pointed a finger at Commonwealth's Attorney Ray Larson.

"I feel like there was a blatant attempt to violate the rules of professional conduct by the commonwealth's office," he said.

Larson said that accusation is simply Nunn's way of deflecting blame.

"He pled guilty to murdering Amanda Ross and he was sentenced to life in the penitentiary without parole. Now, he's blaming it on everybody else," said Larson.

Nunn is serving a life sentence at Green River Correctional Facility. He's only allowed two cubic feet of personal items in his cell, so it will be up to the Department of Corrections to figure out how to distribute those files to him.

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