Nurse heard in 911 call helping victims of deadly crash

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VERSAILLES, Ky. (WKYT) - Calls from concerned drivers started coming in one after the other Sunday night, reporting a driver heading the wrong way down US 60, near Midway Road, in Woodford County.

"There is a car driving the wrong way down the highway," one woman shared with the 911 dispatcher.

Another caller was asked by the dispatcher if there was a wreck, "No. They were just driving on the wrong side of the road."

Moments later that all changed.

"Yes ma'am, there's been a horrible crash on the road between Frankfort and Lexington there are children involved," described another caller.

The dispatcher asked, "Can you see if anyone is trapped in the vehicle?"

"Yes ma'am, there are."

There were many 911 phone calls made that night, but there's one that truly captures the drama as it unfolded at the scene and it came from a nurse who rushed in to help.

"Hey I'm on Versailles Road there's a really bad wreck, this guy is trapped. He was driving the wrong way on Versailles Road. There's no cops here and there are two cars (expletive) totaled!"

As the dispatcher began to ask questions she was interrupted by the caller shouting at the scene, "Sit still, baby. Sit still, honey, I'm a nurse. Sit still. Okay, I'm sorry."

The woman began checking on all eight people involved in the head on crash.

The following is transcribed from the 911 call:

Caller: Oh dear God..
Dispatcher: Ma'am? Ma'am?
Caller: He's okay, the baby is okay!
Dispatcher: Ma'am?
Caller: Take the whole seat out, baby. Do not take her out of that seat! It stabilizes her spine snap her back in it.
Dispatcher: Ma'am? Ma'am?
Caller: We've got the baby! The baby is okay.
Dispatcher: Ma'am?
Caller: Somebody get me a rag or something! A t-shirt, I don't care! Something to stop the bleeding!

Versailles Police say in the crash Blake Cohorn, 5, was killed. He was riding up front with the driver, 26-year-old Rocky Cohorn, and 23-year-old Wendy Cohorn. Rocky Cohorn had to be flown to UK Hospital for surgery, Wendy was also taken by ambulance to UK Hospital. Both are now reported to be in fair condition.

At the scene, the nurse could be heard shouting, "Sit still, hey you stay awake!" That continued for several minutes as she worked to keep one of the injured victims conscious until help arrived.

"Come on, stay awake! They're here. They're here. Stay awake!"

The recording goes on like that a few moments more then ends, and while their actions may never be seen they made a big impact in the nightmarish moments on that dark road.

Others in the Cohorn car were injured, including two children in the back seat, but none of those were life threatening injuries, according to police. The driver, police say is responsible for the crash, is Alfonso Diaz-Diaz. He and his passenger were also injured.

Police say Diaz-Diaz now faces several charges, including manslaughter, assault, and driving while intoxicated.

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