Nurse reunites with victims weeks after deadly Woodford Co. crash

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's been a hard few weeks for the Cohorn family, the flowers outside of their home remind them of 5-year old Blake killed in a car crash, and the scars and casts remind them daily of the nightmare.

"I'm still having trouble getting around, I mean this right here is nonstop pain," said Danny Cohorn, holding his right hand up wrapped tightly in a cast.

He has three pins in his thumb, three cracked ribs, hairline fractures in his skull, and needed more than a hundred stitches to stop the bleeding after the car he was in was hit head on by an alleged drunk driver.

The family said they were heading home from Indiana when the crash happened on US 60 in Woodford County. Police say Alfonso Diaz-Diaz was reported to be driving on the wrong side of the road and with his headlights off. Witnesses say he missed several cars before hitting the Cohorn's. Blake was in the front seat and was killed in the crash. Blake's parents were also injured, so was his Uncle Danny.

"No, never saw it (the car) coming, he didn't even have his headlights on," said Cohorn of that April 21st night.

That night there was a nurse who witnessed the deadly crash and rushed in to help Cohorn and the others in the car.

"I just want to grab her, shake her hand, and tell her 'Thank You, you're a Guardian Angel!' You kept me alive," expressed Cohorn.

The Cohorns don't know her, she's a stranger, but she's their angel. On Monday, roughly three weeks after that terrible crash, the Cohorns finally got a name to go with the face, Amanda Trent.

"You look pretty beat up there," observed Trent as she walked up to Cohorn's home to greet him with a hug.

"Yeah, I have a broke thumb, three cracked ribs and over 100 stitches in my head," listed Cohorn, adding "Thank you for being there, though."

The pair carried on a conversation about what they remember of that night, and how their hearts are heavy.

"I was behind that guy on versailles road and I was trying to get his attention flashing my lights at him and I was blowing my horn trying to get his attention because I knew he was going the wrong way," recalled Trent.

"The whole time I was out there with you I was 'Johnny on the Spot.' Do this, do this, do this, automatically your training just kicks in," she said.

While Trent helped keep Danny awake, and likely alive, she said she still struggles with that night.

"I went home that night thinking if I'd had known that little boy was under there," she paused, "that's what killed me."

That moment will hang with them all, but so will the fact that for one night there was an angel among them.

"Well most people wouldn't stand there and try to keep you awake. They'd just call 911, like there's an accident and come over and check you out," said Cohorn crediting Trent's actions.

Trent's son chimed in, "She's a good nurse."

"Yeah, she is," replied Cohorn.

After the meeting, Cohorn and Trent went to Cardinal Hill where Rocky Cohorn, Blake's father, is still recovering from his injuries. The Cohorns hope that he will be released from rehab later this week.

The driver of the other car, Alfonso Diaz-Diaz, has been charged with manslaughter and DUI.

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