Obama plunges into high-stakes week on Syria

WASHINGTON (AP) - Back on American soil, President Barack Obama is plunging into a frenetic, high-stakes week of selling a skeptical Congress on a military strike ahead of a critical vote on Syria.

For a president not known for investing heavily in consultations with Capitol Hill, the coming days represent one of the most intense periods of congressional outreach in his presidency.

Obama seeks to salvage a policy whose fate he's placed in lawmakers' hands, planning for himself and for aides a flurry of speeches, phone calls, briefings and personal visits to Democrats and Republicans alike.

The lobbying campaign culminates Tuesday, the evening before a key vote is expected in the Senate, when Obama will address the nation from the White House to make his case.

The issue is putting congressional Democrats in a tough spot. They are confronted with grim images from Syria of gassed children while the president pleads with them to consider the consequences of inaction.

At the same time, many are hearing loud opposition from war-weary constituents. The president is planning to make his case to the nation in an address from the White House Tuesday evening.

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